Bankia – eFactura System

The electronic invoice is a corporate management process that consists in the replacement of the traditional paper invoices by others in digital format. This way, bills are no longer printed, sent by regular mail or stored in cabinets. Instead they are generated digitally with the same content, communicated telematically, and deposited in computer systems.


This new form of invoice management entails an obvious saving in costs for both the supplier and the payer. Additionally, it provides greater agility in the entire process, it manifestly  simplifies and improves management flows and resources, and it generates greater security than the traditional billing, thanks to the incorporation of an electronic signature covered by digital certifications.

Bankia’s Electronic Invoice service offers even more:

  • It links with the different collection and payment methods available in the financial system.
  • It ensures the authenticity and the integrity of the process with its own electronic signature, since Bankia acts as subinvoicer.
  • It is valid for all types of businesses and for all activity sectors.
  • It stores the invoices handled by the system during the periods stipulated by law.
  • It is compatible with all major ERPs in the market, favouring a full integration of the companies’ existing processes.

This service is available in the Internet Office for Businesses, without any additional cost for customers.

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