Eurobits’ eqanimus Service

Automated monitoring system for native financial webs and apps based on their performance and availability, offering sectorial comparisons as well as in-depth analysis of each of them.


Comprehensive and systematic measurements based on User Experience



Detailed breakdown of all the components of own site as well as those of the competitors


Sectorial benchmark from both technical and functional points of view


Possibility of monitoring both native apps and mobile domains

Technological Platform

Web Site

Located in the, url, it contains, among others, the following modules:

  • Financial companies benchmark (for personal and business banking).
  • Technical and functional analysis of all the webs in the banking sector.
  • Optimization rules to improve the different websites.
  • Analysis of mobile banking and native financial apps.
  • Customized reporting system per user.
  • Etc

It is also possible to request the reception in selected email addresses of additional reports, customized both in their content and in the frequency of their reception.

Acceso al portal web del servicio eqanimus

Monitoring robots

Basing the navigation in users’ experience, a monitoring robot is developed for each financial company:

  • Rapid adaptation to changes in webs and apps.
  • Maximum loyalty to the standard user’s navigation.
  • Supports both simple one-step and complex multiple-steps log-in processes (virtual keyboards, code cards)
  • Use of the whole ecosystem (operating system, navigator, etc) of the users’ community, based on market research and with constant updates in the same way that the end user would do it.

Some Eurobits’ eqanimus Service customers





Frequently Ask Questions


What companies are monitored by eqanimus?
At the moment 20 personal banking and 15 business banking companies are being monitored. According to market research, these companies account for most of online banking users. Nevertheless, an agreement may be reached with the client to monitor any company that is necessary.
What services are measured?

The eqanimus service monitors the most common transactions carried out by online banking users, such as:

  • Presentation of the bank’s main site
  • Log-in/log-out as a user
  • Current account transactions review
  • Credit and debit card transactions review
  • Norma 43 file download
  • etc
Is it possible to perform an additional specialized monitoring?

Yes. Always maintaining traditional monitoring so as not to condition the benchmark, eqanimus can similarly create a customized measurement, both in the content of its services and in the frequency of monitoring.




How is a company monitored?

Through a given set of programs based on users’ experience and run on a continuous basis, every bank’s service is monitored with a 24×7 frequency.




When can I access my company's information?

The results of the different measurements are shown in the application’s site in real time.

There are additional daily reports based on the bank’s previous day’s information, and sectorial reports with different benchmarks to compare the bank with its competitors.





Is it possible to monitor non-financial websites?

Yes. Although the nature of the service is to monitor the area of online banking, eqanimus allows you to monitor all types of webs, defining the services to measure according to the criteria of the end user.

May I order a demo?


Yes. Send an email to the address requesting a service demo. We will contact you as soon as possible, providing you with credentials to access our service.


Problem not solved yet? Send us an email and we will answer your query as soon as possible.


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