In our next post, we will write about apps developed by Eurobits Technologies. Instead of talking technical features, we believe the best way of explaining it is talking about its utilities and benefits that meet the needs of the final user.

Today its Fintonic´s turn, awarded by Google in Startups Mobile Innovation Awards 2015 in the finance category.

Just as their team defines, Fintonic is a financial app designed to control your incomes and expenses. This app is free and once installed on your device you may add any bank in Spain and Chile.

Before we talked about its functions and benefits, we wanted to tell you something important: Fintonic is an app as safer as any other Banking app. Information travels encrypted at 256 bits, with the same level of safeness as the rest of the banks and financial entities that work online.

Fintonic have a desktop app and mobile app available in Google Play and Apple Store.

Main Functionalities:

  • Multibank and multitask: Users can add accounts, cards, loans, and stock.
  • Categorize every account move automatically and if it can’t detect a category users may do it manually the first time so the app can learn and do it automatically.
  • Shows expenses and incomes forecast so you may plan your future actions.
  • You can create a challenge to reach goals like saving money to buy a car on a specific date.
  • Users can know when a deposit is due, when a receipt will be sent or when you received your credit card statement thanks to its mobile/ email notification system.
  • Most use alerts
  • Low balance
  • Payroll income
  • Transactions
  • Bank fees
  • Duplicated transactions
  • Overdrawn account

Fintonic also offers a service that allow users to compare rates between different suppliers to save money on their bills. For example, if your home insurance it’s about to end, Fintonic sends an email offering users different possibilities comparing servicers and a report with characteristics and cost from every possible choice.

Lupina Iturriaga and Sergio Chalbaud are the entrepreneurs who founded Fintonic, Currently, they are CMO and CEO of the company.

According to the last estimated figures, there are 380,000 people in Spain using fintonic in Spain and Chile, that´s why they are already planning to expand their borders.

In 2016 fintonic expand their capital with their expansion, thanks to Pedro Luis Uriarte, Javier Marín, and Carina Szpilka, who use to be Chief Executive Officers from BBVA, Santander and ING Direct.

So if you want to try this app, this is the perfect moment.

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