Eurobits eFactura System

Including all the necessary functions to manage the invoicing process of a company.


Invoices, Auto-invoices, Proforma invoices, Rectified invoices


Acceptance, Refusal, Comments inclusion

Multiple formats

Facturae, UBL, CII, Edifact, proprietory formats, etc

Query of the status

of issued and received invoices


Standard forms and notifications

Interconnection with Platforms

SIFE (Iberpay), FACE, Seres, Edicom, etc…

Delegated signature service and custody

Invoice signature and custody during the time established by the Law

Methods of payment and collection

Customized integration

Technological Platform

Modular multi-tier architecture 100% SOA.

Central Module

The system’s fundamental motor, it performs the following functions:

  • Issue (signature) of the invoices
  • Custody of the invoices
  • Format validation
  • Format conversion
  • Generation of notifications
  • Management of access permits
  • Routing of invoices
  • Etc

Access from other applications to the functions offered by the Central Module of the platform is carried out through a set of secure web services (eFactura Eurobits WSAPI System).

Customer Web Module

Eurobits’ architecture allows the integration of an electronic invoicing service within the Promoter Company’s site easily and in a short time

Consultancy, Coordination and Support Services

The Consultancy, Coordination and Support Services linked to Eurobits eFactura System.

Guarantee the adequate setup, impementation and continuous development of an electronic invoice project based on:

  • Definition of scenarios (issue/reception)
  • Formats to be used
  • Identification and segmentation of the community (suppliers/customers)
  • Design of communication campaigns both internal (at customer’s level) and external (with its clients and suppliers)
  • Training sessions
  • Coordination and continuous monitoring
  • Support

Some Eurobits’ eFactura System customers

Eurobits Efactura System Support

Frequently Asked questions

What is a Promoter Company?
Eurobits’ eFactura System service is an electronic invoicing platform offered as a white label service. Promoter Company is the name given to each of the companies or institutions that offer the service under their own name, corporate identity or trade mark.
What is an Attached Company?
An Attached Company is an institution, typically identified by a tax number, that is registered in one or more Promoter Company so as to be able to use the service in order to issue or receive invoices. A Promoter Company will normally offer its service to many Attached Companies: Promoter Company > Attached Company
What is an User?
User is, as its name indicates, anybody using the platform or service. A User will most often be a person, although in some cases it could also be a program to access the service via an ERP Integration Web Service. The policy for the management of users is defined by the Promoter Company and can thus vary from one Promoter Company to another. An Attached Company can have one or many Users: Promoter Company > Attached Company > User
What Promoter Companies are there?
The list of Promoter Companies can vary over time. At the moment, the following Promoter Companies are available:

Which Promoter Company may I use to access the service?
A User of an Attached Company may access the service via any of the Promoter Companies in which it is registered. If you deem it necessary to be registered in a specific Promoter Company, contact the Company using the links provided under the question What are the existing Promoter Companies? An Attached Company may belong to multiple Promoter Companies: Promoter Company 1 > Attached Company A Promoter Company 2 > Attached Company A
What is the difference between accessing via one or another Promoter Company?
In general, a User will be able to view all the invoices from its corresponding Attached Company, irrespective of the Promoter Company he is using to access the service. This means that a User A of the Attached Company B will view the same invoices whether he accessed via the Promoter Company C or the Promoter Company D, provided he is registered and has the necessary permits in both of them. This is so regardless of whether the bills were issued through one or the other Promoter Company or if they were originally received in one or the other Promoter Company. It is important to take into account that the management of users is defined by the Promoter Company, so that the User A mentioned above could have completely different access credentials in in one and other Promoter Companies, even though it is the same person or program who is accessing the service.
Is it possible to import invoices into the platform?
Yes. Invoices may be imported in any of the formats supported by the platform: UBL 1.0 / Facturae 3.1 / Facturae 3.2, proprietary format, etc.
How do I import invoices?
By selecting the option “Import Invoices” in the corresponding web module. During the import process the program will ask for the format in which the invoice should be imported and whether the invoice is signed or not. image002
May I add information to the invoices?
Yes, it is possible to attach additional information to every invoice (Pdf, jpg, word, excel…). This information will not be subject to validations. The attached information cannot exceed 2 MB.
Is it possible to automate the sending of invoices to the platform?
The platform has an API WS available which allows the automation of invoice issue and reception processes as well as status query and update.
How do I issue an invoice to FACe?
It is necessary to include the information regarding Oficina Contable, Unidad Tramitadora, Órgano gestor y Órgano proponente in the section “Customer Data” emitir a Face

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