Eurobits Content Aggregation

Secure online gateway to obtain financial accounts and non-financial information belonging to end users and/or businesses.

Personal Banking Aggregation

KYC, Account holder/s, ID, balance and transaction history of current accounts, credit cards, mutual funds, shares, loans, deposits, etc.

Corporate Banking Aggregation

KYC, Account holder/s, ID, Account balance and transaction history of current accounts, credit cards, credit accounts, AEB-43 homologation, SEPA Direct Debits (refunds), etc.

Utility Companies Virtual Offices Aggregation

Invoice data, consumption and contract characteristics.

Loyalty Points Aggregation

Loyalty points balance, history, characteristics and gift catalogues.


Fulfilling with the strictest Compliance & Regulations. Our Client implementations have been ISO 27001 Certified.

Robust and High Performing

We successfully attend to over 1 Million aggregation queries per day.

Easy Integration and Highly Scalable

From bespoke collaborations to global implementation, we transform pipe dreams into reality.


In a world of exponential technologies, we stand by our corporate values of Integrity, Profesionality & Expertise.

Technological Platform

Our proprietary, Aggregation Service is an Information Retrieval Gateway delivering Server-Side Account Aggregation with Batch Support.

Aggregation API

Our API is our performance aggregation engine, carrying out, amongst other functions, the following processes:
  • Reception of aggregation requests from service customers.
  • Processing of the request, activating the corresponding Connector Bot.
  • Standardization of the data retrieved into a common format.
  • Request & Retrieval Data Flow Management with full activity Log.
  • Continuous maintenance with rapid response deployment.
  • Redundancy support with no single point of failure.

Robots / Connectors

Every financial and non-financial source has its own specialized robot/connector which performs the following functions:
  • Automatic log-in processing.
  • Support for Multiple Login Mechanisms including Captchas, OTP etc)Retrieval and standardisation of the corresponding data.
  • Submission of the data to the Aggregation API.
  • Specialized attention and support service to the operations team

The End User Data retrieved by Eurobits Aggregation Platform can be integrated into an App (smartphone, tablet, web) where it can be fully customised to offer value added services to end users.

Continuous Operation and Maintenance service of the Platform

The provision of an aggregation service necessarily requires the continuous operation and monitoring of the technological platform, as well as ongoing maintenance of all of the offered robots/connectors, in order to ensure their proper functioning.

  • Permanent monitoring of the platform’s activity logs, for an early detection of potential problems.
  • Adaptation of robots to changes in design or navigation on the aggregated source (web).
  • Incorporation of new log-in methods, authorized by the aggregated source, into the robot’s operating logic.
  • Aggregation support to sources that offer multiple user profiles, depending on the type of end user.
  • Dynamic resizing capability in situations of overload (e.g.: batch processes, Customer campaign launches, etc) Specialized attention and support service to the operations team
  • Professional management with continued monitoring and real-time client notification.
  • Customer-oriented operations and activity monitoring site.

Some Content Aggregation customers

Frequently asked questions and Support Area

General questions

What types of webs can be aggregated?

Eurobits’ Aggregation Services Platform currently offers financial information belonging to both individuals and companies, as well as invoices and loyalty cards information. Generally speaking, however, it can retrieve information located in any online source (web) and return it to the customer’s application in a structured format.

What webs, and which information within them, does the Platform currently cover?

Since the list of aggregated webs is constantly expanding, please contact Eurobits directly.

Can I aggregate companies from other countries besides Spain?

Yes. There is no limitation whatsoever in this respect since the source of online data is the world wide web.

Is it possible to aggregate companies with a two-factor authetication?

Yes. Access to the private part of some websites (for example, certain online banking sites) requires that users enter, along with the usual access credentials (e.g.: username/password), a second factor of authentication (a PIN sent to a mobile phone, a random number generated by a physical device, etc.). This second factor of authentication is usually valid for a single access.

Eurobits’ Aggregation Services Platform includes in its program interface (API) a special dialog that enables these types of authentication systems to be aggregated.

How are requests to the aggregation Platform made?

Eurobits’ Aggregation Services Platform offers an Application Program Interface (API) that allows its customers to process aggregation requests based on Web Services REST, in a simple way and with little development effort.

How is sensitive data such as the end user's credentials handled?

The Platform is protected by the strictest security measures in order to guarantee absolute confidentiality of the retrieved data travelling through it.
A very important factor to consider is that the Platform does not store any end user data; neither web access credentials nor private data retrieved from the web (e.g.: balances and/or transactions in financial products).
Furthermore, encryption techniques are applied throughout the operational flow associated with any aggregation request processed by a customer.

What type of processing does the data undergo?

None. Once it receives an aggregation request from a customer, the Platform runs the connector/robot specialized in the retrieval of the requested information from the web. The information thus retrieved is structured in a standard and unified format, in which it will be presented to the customer.
The data is not processed in any way.
The data is not stored.

What does Eurobits do with the data?

Nothing. The requested web data is retrieved from memory by the customer who has processed the aggregation request. The data is deleted from memory when not needed. It is not stored on disk, not shared with third parties nor used for any other purpose.

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